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Discover Germany, Issue 60, March 2018 Cover

Discover Germany, Issue 60, March 2018 is out now!

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Nikeata Thompson - 'Dancing is freedom'

“Dancing is freedom, it is a connection with one’s inner core. While dancing, you can process negative and positive experiences and you find your way back to your centre. It’s a kind of therapy.” This is what Nikeata Thompson feels when pursuing her passion of dancing. The professional dancer and choreographer best known for her appearances in Germany’s Next Topmodel or Got To Dance speaks to Discover Germany about fitness tips, her milestone projects and much more.

Born in 1980 in Birmingham, Nikeata has Jamaican roots, moved to Germany in her early childhood and now calls Berlin her home. “Home is everywhere where I feel comfortable, where I have friends and where I can work. Thus, my home is not a place but rather a feeling. It could be anywhere...

"2015 will be excellent. […] Tourism worldwide as well as in Germany remains on the growth path. The desire to travel is unbroken."
Dr. Michael Frenzel, President of the Bundesverband der Deutschen Tourismuswirtschaft BTW (Federal Association of the German Tourism Industry)


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