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Bettina Zimmermann - Keeping it real

Actress Bettina Zimmermann reveals the secret behind one of Germany’s most successful web series.

On an early October morning in Berlin, after having made sure that the respective coffee-cups are filled to the brim, German actress Bettina Zimmermann talks amicably and enthusiastically to us about the Amazon Prime Video series Der Lack ist ab (The Glory is Gone); a family comedy written and directed by her husband Kai Wiesinger. With the couple starring in the respective leads, the script maintains a healthy link to real life.

“It all began with my husband and some friends catching up at an event and mutually revealing that they had trouble reading the fine print lately,” the actress recalls. A fact not due to a general disinterest in legal documents but rather because all...

"2015 will be excellent. […] Tourism worldwide as well as in Germany remains on the growth path. The desire to travel is unbroken."
Dr. Michael Frenzel, President of the Bundesverband der Deutschen Tourismuswirtschaft BTW (Federal Association of the German Tourism Industry)


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