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Ann-Kathrin Kramer - 'At ours, tradition is that nothing is tradition'

Best known for lead roles in Das Merkwürdige Verhalten Geschlechtsreifer Großstädter zur Paarungszeit alongside Christoph Waltz, or Nicht Ohne Meine Tochter, German actress Ann-Kathrin Kramer has long been a staple of German television. She spoke to Discover Germany about why she decided to move to Wuppertal, the current state of the German film industry and much, much more.

Leaving school at 16, working as a shop window designer, making portraits of tourists in Greece, applying to fashion school, taking the ‘Technische Abitur’, deciding against studying physics as first envisaged: Ann-Kathrin Kramer’s first career choices didn’t really reveal that she would soon become one of Germany’s best-known actresses. At the age of 26, she decided to go to the Gmelin Drama School in Munich and the rest is history. She smiles:...

"2015 will be excellent. […] Tourism worldwide as well as in Germany remains on the growth path. The desire to travel is unbroken."
Dr. Michael Frenzel, President of the Bundesverband der Deutschen Tourismuswirtschaft BTW (Federal Association of the German Tourism Industry)


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