How the noble mountain stone becomes a ski and how the ski finds its way back to the mountain…

Marble and its transformation: The stone, as it can be quarried today, was formed over millions of years by pressure and heat during the geological folding of the Alps. The porosity gives the rock the desirable properties that make it durable and malleable. More than 15 years ago, the ski manufacturer zai tamed the gneiss rock at the core of the zai spada. In 2019, the first ski made of slate appeared. And this year, zai presents the latest model made of marble.


The primal material of the mountain lends itself well to quality design and craftsmanship. Like all zai models, the new zai marble is the result of state-of-the-art sandwich technology with materials made of ash, poplar wood, steel, carbon and titanal. As a new development to be proud of, the zai marble is the only ski with a top belt made entirely of marble.


Unique ski and unique feeling

Ski enthusiasts love the element of damping. The resulting reduction in vibration leads to an experience of absolute connection with the snow – even at high speed. The ski impresses with incomparable smoothness and grip, and convinces via its tried and tested racing ski base. It’s not just the unique feel and meticulous manufacturing that makes the zai marble a one-of-a-kind – the surface is individual to each ski.

Inspiration and material begin on the mountain; to the mountain, we return. Or as zai’s Benedikt Germanier puts it: “We find our fulfillment in developing skis that encourage people to find their line on the mountain, realise themselves in their movement, experience joy and be one with the slope. We never stop thinking about how new knowledge can be implemented even better, and we do this without sparing neither materials nor effort.”



At the top of the ski world is zai. Innova tion, design and craftsmanship are rooted firmly at the core of the brand. The love of skis and the search for their own line on the mountain unite zai enthusiasts world wide. With zai, they transcend boundaries, skiing more easily, joyfully and thoroughly.

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