Out with the old, in with the new. If you’re looking to update your home this year, we have got you covered with this year’s latest design and interior trends. Get inspired!

Each season usually brings with it different decoration trends for one’s own four walls, and it’s always exciting to see what designers and consumers think our interior spaces should look like. Generally speaking, it looks like touchscreens, unwelcoming light and cold interiors are ‘out’, while cosy, warm spaces are ‘in’. Meanwhile, there are three themes that show no signs of waning in popularity: wellbeing, comfort and sustainability. Let’s dig deeper and take a look at some core trends for 2024.

Top 10 Design Trends Of 2024

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1. Dark academia

Inspired by classic literature, collegiate settings, and a touch of mystery, the dark academia aesthetic seamlessly blends sophistication with a hint of nostalgia, making it a timeless style that remains a firm favourite year after year during the cooler months. Vintage-inspired accessories, moody colour palettes and rich furnishings all work in tandem to help us weave the classic charm of academia into our space.

2. Scandi naturals

The trend has been around for years and is clearly here to stay. Cool and minimalist, as well as cosy and cocooning Scandi-inspired designs are coined by warm neutral colours this year. While interior designers seem to move away from grey tones, they embrace off-whites, taupes and earthy beiges. The colours have become a firm favourite within the world of interior design thanks to their ability to create a calming, tranquil ambience throughout the home (and the fact that they complement virtually every colour combination you might have in mind). Combine with natural materials and modest decoration and you’ll create a calming, yet stylish space.

Top 10 Design Trends Of 2024

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3. Ruffles are back

Yep, you have heard that right. Ruffles are back – mostly on cushions and table linen. They elevate any room and will make it a bit more fun and whimsy. Match with a gingham print, some candy cane stripes or pastel shades and you’re sure to do it right.

4. Patterns: The wilder the better

Liven up your home in 2024 with vibrant patterns and daring prints. Though they may seem intimidating, there are countless ways to experiment and incorporate some playful yet stylish designs into your space. Add a statement piece to elevate your workspace or mix and match bold patterns to create a maximalist paradise.

Top 10 Design Trends Of 2024

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5. Textile textures

Some living rooms can look uninviting and uncreative, and this is exactly where texture comes in. In 2024, designers will be putting focus on textile textures even more, to bring some contemporary and warm aspects into your home. Bouclé is one of these texture trends that you should keep in mind next year. It impresses via looped yarns that are kept in more subtle shades for a cosy, more sophisticated feel.

6. Marigold

Marigold is proving to be a popular choice for interiors this year, and it’s easy to see why. This vibrant shade effortlessly infuses any room with a feeling of warmth and vitality, making it a perfect choice for year-round decor. With the days being short and nights longer, we all crave that extra touch of joyful decor and colour in our living spaces.

Top 10 Design Trends Of 2024

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7. Blue Nova

It’s that time of year again – the colour forecasting season is upon us once more, and Benjamin Moore have unveiled their official Colour of the Year as ‘Blue Nova’. Described as being an ‘alluring mid-tone that balances depth and intrigue with classic appeal and reassurance’, this stormy hue enlivens the senses and perfectly encapsulates the mysterious beauty of the night sky.⁠

8. 90s nostalgia

Embracing a nostalgic revival, the 90s interior style will inspire our style a lot in 2024, infusing homes with a sense of retro charm and playful eclecticism – while bold, colourful patterns, geometric shapes and sleek metallics may immediately come to mind, it was also a decade which championed understated glamour through the use of natural materials, organic shapes and earthy tones. Whatever your personal style, this era had a little something for everyone.

Top 10 Design Trends Of 2024

Photo: English Blinds

9. Metals

One trend that has already been big through 2023 is metal interiors. In the past, some might have declared you gauch had you mixed different metallics, but today, more and more interior designers are proving that this can indeed be very stylish. While cool metallic tones like silver or steel bring a modern aesthetic to your living space, warmer tones like gold, rose gold or brass are more glamorous and inviting. Dare to mix both and you’re sure to get a unique look that is most definitely going to be trendy in 2024.

10. Japan-inspired

This year, our interiors get the Japanese overhaul. Several big retailers have sported rich silk textures, bird motifs, oriental prints and structured furniture shapes in recent months. You will love this trend that combines elegant Japanese minimalism and rustic Scandinavian simplicity if you’re a fan of ‘less is more’, uncluttered spaces, clear lines and calm colours.

Top 10 Design Trends Of 2024

Photo: Wallsauce.com

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