An experience for all the senses – Zeiler Audio products combine innovative audio technology, masterful craftsmanship and timeless design.

“A top audio system can make listening to music an intense experience and enrich our lives like a great wine or delicious food,” engineer Ralf Zeiler believes. As a boy, Ralf Zeiler developed a passion for music and HiFi, especially for tubes and horn speakers. For over 40 years, his passion has been the development and construction of audio electronics, as well as loudspeakers. In 2018, he founded Zeiler Audio GmbH, thus turning his passion into a profession. Based on decades of listening experience, Ralf Zeiler now develops high-end audio equipment that appeals to all the senses. The design, created by the Zurich-based agency FOND Design, has a timeless look and a minimalist aesthetic – values that reflect Ralf Zeiler’s vision.


Hand soldering of audio circuits.

Zeiler products are manufactured in Switzerland with exceptional quality and craftsmanship. The artfully designed case is milled from solid aluminum blocks and given a ceramic coating to achieve an exceptional finish and tactile quality. All electronic components are channel matched to tight tolerances and hand soldered. The interaction of the individual components is what makes the musical experience special. Image Hifi magazine writes about the PR-01 pre amplifier: “The PR-01 is a delight both haptically and visually. Resolution and integration are world class, tonally the PR-01 is a seductress and dynamically a sensation.“ With its pared-down design, attention to detail and dynamic capabilities, the PR-01 provides the ultimate audio experience, allowing listeners to feel the music and immerse themselves in the moment.

Performances come to life through rhythm, drama, flow and expression. Anything else is secondary to these qualities. Zeiler has therefore adopted a holistic and empirical design approach that relies on how the music affects us, not on specifications or measurements.

Zeiler’s customers are enthusiastic about the successful synthesis of the highest musical experience, timelessly elegant design and perfect workmanship made in Switzerland.

”My products are the result of an evolutionary process based on years of research and countless hours of listening to iteration after iteration. They have become a central part of my family’s life, making us dance with joy or moving us to tears with real emotion. My aim is to share this experience,“ Ralf Zeiler concludes.


Hand assembly of the products by Ralf Zeiler.

Swiss design is internationally known for its user-orientated functionality, objectivity and simplicity. Any trace of subjectivity from the designers themselves is avoided to let the true meaning of the product shine. Aesthetic beauty derives from the purpose of the designed thing itself and communicates through its objectivity. This credo is pursued by the design agency FOND in the design of Zeiler products.

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