Everyone is talking about ‘Green Tea’ this season; the pale green hue exudes an air of tranquillity and natural beauty that we all crave. Its unique, soothing shade is inspired by the calming properties of green tea, a drink enjoyed over the centuries by Kings, Queens, Emperors and the masses alike. If you’re looking for ways to refresh your space and add a little more zen into your day-to-day, explore our curated collection here.

Update your space with some stylish wallpaper. This design is a part of Rebel Walls upcoming collection, Scenic Landscapes. The collection captures the beauty of nature and features a wide variety of designs, from serene forests and rolling hills to luxurious palm trees. £40.


For 130 years, the Feuerhand Baby Special 276 Hurricane Lantern has been a reliable companion in the dark. For its anniversary, the iconic lantern made in Germany is now experiencing a modernized re-release as LED model. Its dimmable light source bathes places of well-being outdoors and indoors in a warm white light. £59.


Dedicated to Design: April 2024

Admire the slender stems and curving form of the handmade Willow Martini Glasses Set. Handcrafted and supplied as a matching set of four, these luxury martini glasses are perfect for those who want to bring some luxurious colour into hosting. £55.


Dedicated to Design: April 2024

Revive your dining area with this lavish clamshell-shaped dining chair! Stylish, elegant and inspired by early-century extravagance, this chair is upholstered in an utterly mesmerising green tone and features gold-capped tapered legs. £540.


Dedicated to Design: April 2024

This hand-painted lamp with an Asian touch is an eyecatcher in any room. The shade is sold separately. £1,050.


Dedicated to Design: April 2024

Heritage green with a warm grey undertone inspired by the parlyte palette of Thomas Parsons. The price is for a 750ml pot which is the perfect size for most interior projects from furniture makeovers to painting doors, window frames and kitchen units. £20.


Dedicated to Design: April 2024

A table runner for some relaxing spring gatherings. This item, made in Germany, is produced in an environmentally friendly way. 490 cm x 40 cm. £5.

Dedicated to Design: April 2024

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