Villa Eden Leading Health Spa Cover

Villa Eden Leading Health Spa

The Villa Eden Leading Health Spa is undoubtedly one of Europe’s prime destinations for cutting-edge health breaks in the most prestigious surroundings, combining a discreet luxury hotel with top-notch medical…

Medizinicum Hamburg Cover

Medizinicum Hamburg

…health? We think there is a very clear answer to that: You need the best doctors and the best medical technology. Plus, a new, smart way of cooperation between the…

Karl Landsteiner University Cover

Karl Landsteiner University

Landsteiner University of Health Sciences in the Austrian town Krems is educating a new generation of highly qualified doctors and health specialists, creating access to modern professions in the health…

Berlin Partner Cover

Berlin Partner

…can meet all the necessary demands. In short, Berlin has the right infrastructure to host large-scale events like the annual World Health Summit, the international strategy forum for healthcare policies….

VAMED rehab facilities Cover

VAMED rehab facilities

The international health care provider VAMED group plans, modernises and runs concepts and buildings for clinics and rehab facilities in a way that shows an understanding of health to be…

Projekt HoHo Wien Cover

Projekt HoHo Wien

…which originates from sustainably farmed Austrian woodlands. The utilisation concept is varied: next to hotel, restaurant, and a wellness, health and beauty area, it also contains modern and sustainable offices….

Dr. Heinz Wallner Cover

Dr. Heinz Wallner

…small practice – while the patient’s health is of the highest value and importance. Located on the Eastern shores of Lake Constance, the clinic’s principle is that beauty without health…