The 7Stern Bräu in Vienna has been at the cutting edge of the craft beer industry since its creation in 1994. From beer with hemp to spicy chili beer, everyone can find their favourite brew, right here.

Next to their extraordinary taste, the brands of beer produced by 7Stern Bräu distinguish themselves easily via their excellent quality. They possess a completely natural finish, with the malt being well sourced from Germany and Belgium. The brewery avoids the use of preservatives, instead storing the beer until its maturity is perfect. This focus on quality is well worth it: in 2018, for example, 7Stern’s Winterrauchbock achieved gold at Meininger’s International Craft Beer Award.

7stern Bräu | A pioneer in craft beer | Discover Germany Magazine

“Our most popular brand is the traditional Wiener Helles,” Sigmund Flitter, CEO, reveals. The dark beer, as well as the new American-inspired Smoked Porter, is also taking the public’s fancy right now. The brewery’s range is being expanded continuously, however. For instance, guests can enjoy various bock beers or wheat beer. When visiting the 7Stern Bräu, guests can also taste traditional Austrian dishes alongside the craft beers. Even if one has no time to stay at the restaurant, there is no need to renounce the pleasure of craft beer: 7Stern Bräu has expanded its reach and current brands of beer are also available at a street sale vending machine.

7stern Bräu | A pioneer in craft beer | Discover Germany Magazine

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