The group clinic Pelzer Czermak in Heidelberg is specialised on plastic, aesthetic and hand surgery.

In 2014, about 75,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in Germany. In about 20 to 30 per cent, patients have to face the complete removal of the breast. On the plus side, surgeons are able to reconstruct breasts nowadays. Dr. Michael Pelzer M.D. and Dr. Christoph Czermak M.D. already look back at 30 years of experience in this field. They are specialised on reconstructive breast surgery using skin tissue or implants. “Re-establishing the female body image can contribute to improving both the posture and the self-esteem of the patient,”says Dr. Pelzer. However, the surgeons’group practice Pelzer Czermak in Heidelberg is not only focused on reconstructive plastic surgery, but also on aesthetic surgery and hand surgery. “With about 100 reconstructions per year, we mainly treat women who had breast cancer,” Dr. Czermak states. Furthermore, many of the patients visit the medical practice for a breast enlargement or breast reduction. The medics additionally offer arm and thigh lifts, eyelid surgeries, as well as abdominoplasty operations.

On the other hand, a lot of their patients are athletes or musicians who have a hand disorder that could end their career if it is not being treated. In cooperation with colleagues from the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Heidelberg, Dr. Pelzer and Dr. Czermak take care of several professional sports teams and top athletes from the region. Before starting their own group practice in 2010, the two internationally known surgeons had worked together for ten years in one of Europe’s leading clinics for plastic surgery. But then, Dr. Pelzer remembers, “we were looking for a new challenge: We wanted to use our knowledge and experience to provide highly specialised, individual patient care.” According to him, this was only possible in a smaller clinic.

Dr. Pelzer and Dr. Czermak closely cooperate with the Breast Centre in Speyer and the Thoraxklinik in Heidelberg, which enable them to perform complex reconstructive operations. “In addition, we will work with a well-respected breast centre in Neustadt next year,”Dr. Czermak says. He and his colleague also plan to move to a new practice right next to their partner hospital St. Elisabeth in Heidelberg, which will be even more tailored to the patients’ requirements. On the 27th of February, the surgeons invite to a Breast Day in St. Elisabeth, where they will offer various interdisciplinary presentations.


Text: Nadine Carstens | Photos: Pelzer Czermak


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