NELE Kosmetik is an expert when it comes to anything colour in the cosmetics industry and has been a pioneer in its field for nearly four decades. The well-known family business in Igensdorf is not only able to develop colour-related cosmetics but also to produce them – both in small and large quantities.

Born from a vision 38 years ago, NELE Kosmetik GmbH has emerged as a distinguished specialist in the colour cosmetics sector. Founded by Dr Matthias Hempel, a pioneer with roots in the stationary industry, the company was affectionately named after his daughter, Cornelia, fondly known as ‘Nele’. “What worked for Mercedes might just work for us,” Dr Hempel thought back then, and today, nearly four decades later, NELE Kosmetik stands for innovation, flexibility and a profound dedication to colour. Twenty years ago, Tillmann Hempel, the son of Dr Hempel, became part of the company and assumed its helm a decade later. A year ago, his wife, Miriam Hempel, came on board, restoring NELE Kosmetik to dual leadership.

NELE Kosmetik A splash of colour

The management of NELE Kosmetik GmbH: Miriam Hempel, founder Dr Matthias Hempel and Tillmann Hempel.

NELE Kosmetik distinguishes itself with a unique combination of product development and production. “Our USP is the merging of these two areas. Many companies can either develop or produce – we do both,” Miriam Hempel explains. From vibrant lipsticks to expressive eyeshadows, the company creates custom colour formulations from the individual product line to the complete collection. Thanks to a semi-mechanical manufacturing process, NELE Kosmetik can respond flexibly to various customer requirements, such as using natural ingredients and producing both small and large quantities.

The company caters to a wide audience, from cosmetic brands and drugstore labels to influencers, all sharing one thing: the desire for unique, high-quality colour cosmetics. NELE Kosmetik views the challenges of cosmetics production, such as supply shortages, regulations and sustainability issues, as opportunities to continuously evolve and meet market needs – and maybe it is that spirit that has kept them in a pole position for so many decades.

NELE Kosmetik closely involves customers throughout the entire process and maintains full transparency. “As a family-owned business, our pathways are short, decisions are made quickly, and the customer always feels well-supported,” Miriam Hempel emphasises. With its longstanding expertise and a strong focus on both natural and conventional requirements, NELE Kosmetik not only brings colour to many faces but also lights up the industry.

NELE Kosmetik A splash of colour


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