Family business Manger Audio stands for individually handcrafted sound systems which impress with unprecedented precision in sound. When the small German manufactory invented a unique sound transducer around 45 years ago, Manger Audio’s success story began.

The idea of founding Manger Audio emerged from the observation that a natural music instrument no longer sounds like an instrument through a loudspeaker. “Thus, my father Josef W. Manger invented the special Manger sound transducer after many years of research and developing. It has been handcrafted in our manufactory in small quantities since,” smiles Daniela Manger, daughter of Josef W. Manger and CEO of Manger Audio. She adds: “Each component is special and gets made in precise manufacturing steps with tolerances down to thousandths of a millimetre.”

This can definitely be heard. Each of Manger Audio’s sound systems have the meticulous Manger sound transducer at their hearts which impresses with the so-called bending wave principle. Working in the same way as the basilar membrane in our ears, it is the only mechanism that is able to convert acoustic signals temporally and tonally correct at the same time. The result is a phenomenal and unrivalled audio experience.

“We create sound transducers which make one addicted to music. They are timeless and not only a fad,” notes Daniela Manger. The latter is also reflected in their design. The p1 passive flagship system, for example, impresses with an unpretentious, well-proportioned, timeless design. The pure, crystal-clear sound reproduction follows the same agenda of no frills. A sealed cabinet with a woofer that is able to reproduce even the lowest octaves and carefully handpicked state-of-the-art components are only some of the many technical achievements within the p1. The w1 system, on the other hand, is an attractive on-wall alternative which enables undisturbed sound propagation and impresses with the highest requirements for audiophile reproduction. Both systems can be individualised as Manger Audio is happy to fulfil personal wishes in regards to colour and finishes.

Today, customers from all over the world who seek to listen to music just like in a concert hall or jazz cellar appreciate the honesty of Manger Audio’s products, which are entirely made in Germany. “Our sound systems belong to the world’s best in insider circles. We are happy that we can count musicians like Hubert von Goisern or Nils Petter Molvaer towards our customers,“ Daniela Manger concludes.


Text: Nane Steinhoff | Photos: Manger Audio


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