Hannover-based identro GmbH uses the newest 3D laser technology to capture rooms in their full complexity, allowing better insights before planning new interiors. identro’s wide portfolio includes implementing shop and interior fittings, procuring interior decorations and furniture and various construction services. “Compared with other companies, by using modern 3D laser technology we deliver a more precise, fast and comprehensive three-dimensional data acquisition of interior spaces,” says founder and manager Frank Hillenbrand. Especially when it comes to complex, contorted spaces this is a very precise and also cost-saving alternative. It does not even take long to take the measurements, so the disruption to normal business is rather limited. Even from a distance of 100 to 120 metres, the measurements are precise, so it is not necessary to build scaffolds or platforms. If, for example, working in danger zones, a 3D model can be made from a safe distance to guarantee the safety of workers.

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