A snowy winter landscape, a bride wrapped in a white fake-fur shawl, the sun setting behind the mountains. Or, to paint a different picture, a table set with white linen and crystal glasses, shaded by lemon trees and cypresses from the Mediterranean sun. No matter what a couples’ dreamwedding looks like, BombenFest Eventmanagement has established itself as expert for individual weddings in Italy and the German Alps.

Imagine your wedding day.What would it look like? Maybe the celebration is at the shore of a beautiful glistening lake with water as blue as the sky. Welcome to a Mediterranean dream wedding at Lake Garda, where not only the weather and landscape invite to a great feast but also the famous Italian food. BombenFest Eventmanagement organises Italian dreamweddings at locations around the lake that is not only a well-known tourist attraction, but was also featured in many movies, for example the last James Bond movie Quantum of Solace.

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