Located in the northeast of Switzerland, the Canton of Zurich comprises of a population of around 1.4 million. The Canton’s capital of Zurich is often called a ‘metropolis of experiences’ by the water and contains magnificent views of the Alps on the horizon. However, not only the global centre for banking and finance, this location has a vast array of experiences and sights to offer.

Rapperswil, Hurden

Rapperswil-Hurden. © Zürich Tourismus, Christian Schnur

The city of Zurich lies at the north end of Lake Zurich in northern Switzerland. Many visitors from around the world flock to the city to have a look at the exclusive shops in the Bahnhofstrasse or to discover the picturesque lanes of the central old town which reflect the city’s premedieval history on both sides of the Limmat River. Waterfront promenades like the Limmatquai enable visitors to follow the picturesque river for miles and several exciting events are held throughout the entire year. Cultural enthusiasts are also sure to find a vast array of things to do in Zurich. Apart from the impressive opera and the theatre house, Zurich is also home to an independent dance and theatre scene.

Zurich-West, Prime Tower. © Zürich Tourismus, Agi Simoes

While the metropolis is full of energy, other parts of the canton are coined by the soothing calm of nature and are certainly worth a visit. Encompassing a variety of beautiful lakes and moun-tains, the Canton of Zurich spans an area of around 173,900 hectares. Though densely populated, it boasts an impressive diversity of landscapes. Even in the cities, nature is never too far away. Many Zurich residents are even completely unaware that their canton is the largest producer of wine in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Whether visitors want to spend a calm day sunbathing at a lake, hike through forests or spend a day climbing some mountains to enjoy the beautiful land-scape from above, the Canton of Zurich caters for everyone’s wish. For those that want to explore a modern metrop-olis but also want to experience tradi-tion and rural beauty, the Canton of Zurich is clearly a great bet.


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