In a world of cheap labour and disposable products, it is refreshing to see a creation that unites adults and children in adoration. Unlike a conventional children’s buggy, the Swiss-made YippieYo Crossbuggy is designed for off-road exploration, taking design cues from mountain bikes to create a long-lasting tool for unbridled family fun. After seeing the limitations for families with young children in the outdoors, the extremely durable Crossbuggy steps in as the ultimate solution for all-Terrain hikes, commutes and school runs. Tanja Ripperger, founder and CEO of YippieYo, gestures at the distinctive-looking, singleaxle buggy: “Not only is it built around a hand-welded, high-end aluminium frame, it relies on superior disc brakes rather than the more typical plastic drum brakes.” YippieYo also made the gutsy decision to manufacture in Switzerland and assemble each custom-built Crossbuggy in Germanyat a non-profit organisation. For Ripperger, the benefits are multi-fold: “We’re able to achieve impeccable Quality, as well as guarantee the durability and robustness of each product.”



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