For more than 230 years, Weingut Schales, situated in Flörsheim-Dalsheim, has produced outstanding wines that feature the typical characteristics of the Rhineland, the taste of lime soil, minerals and fruits. The wine’s high quality is reflected in its price and performance. “We want to carve out the individuality of each grape variety with all its various facets and aromas so that our customers gain a unique insight into the wine world of the Rhineland,” says vineyard owner Astrid Schales. The grapes are grown and harvested as gently as possible and the wines are matured as such. But is there any wine Astrid Schales prefers? “That is a difficult question, when a family has worked in a vineyard for many generations with a passion for the Rhineland’s different grape varieties,” she says. The vineyard has been in family hands for eighth generations.


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