The vineyards around the Kaiserstuhl in Baden-Wuerttemberg are famous for high-quality wines. Situated in Vogtsburg-Bischoffingen vineyard Abril is the largest organic winemaker in the region. Successfully combining innovation and tradition, the young team strive to make wines with unique character. “Craftsmanship is important to us,” says sommelier and vineyard manager Eva-Maria Köpfer. “Our wines are perfectly ripened, straightforward, with a mineral taste but without fuss.” Abril has three ranges of wine: Fruit, basic wines ripened in steel barrels; Stone, wines ripened in wine casks; and Time, selected wines ripened in barrique barrels. “Farming eco-friendly and sustainable is very important to us,” says Köpfer, even though it might take more effort. Abril’s young team brings in new ideas while honouring the vineyard’s long tradition.


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