Today’s lifestyles are coined by hastiness and ephemerality, but Nuremberg-based VAUEN Pipe Manufacture seeks to substantially change this. The enjoyment of smoking a pipe and the pleasure of tasting the aroma of a noble pipe tobacco is a pleasure that still unites people all over the world today. To all those who maintain their love for the small things in life, VAUEN sells top-quality, handcrafted pipes, filters, tobacco and accessories.

Pipe smoking has been part of an attitude towards life for centuries. It has stood for peace and contemplation, the joy of communication and exuberance for centuries.
Pipe lovers enrich their surroundings taking an active part in contemporary events. VAUEN Pipe Manufacture has been committed to the needs of all passionate pipe enthusiasts for 168 years and thus stands for the highest quality and tradition. Customers can choose between more than 400 different pipe models, so each pipe lover can find their personal favourite. Manufacturing over 60,000 pipes per year exclusively in Germany, VAUEN stands out with their special approach of constantly looking for new, innovative designs. Alexander Eckert, managing director and partner at VAUEN Pipe Manufacture, says: “All of our pipes get handcrafted in Nuremberg and we seek to produce personal, individual, simply valuable pieces which make pipe enthusiasts happy.”

Model “Spin”

Quality control

Since 1848, the VAUEN Pipe Manufacture has been loved for their innovative, handcrafted products and its exceptional quality. Each one of VAUEN’s pipes have to pass through 60 different work stages, each conducted by hand, before a pipe is allowed to be called a ‘real VAUEN’. Only then does the pipe get the VAUEN-stamp and its individual model number. Solely first-class briarwood from the Mediterranean region is used as the basic raw material for a ‘real VAUEN’ and only ten per cent of the briar root tubers dug out actually satisfy VAUEN’s quality demands and can be worked into pieces of wood that are suitable for a VAUEN pipe. VAUEN even developed a secret recipe for the protective coating so that pipe smokers can enjoy the pipe from the very first draught without having to endure the smoking in procedure. “A company can only remain successful on the market for over 160 years when it moves with the times. Therefore, we don’t rest on our laurels, but are constantly hungry for new trends,” notes Eckert. Of course the product’s quality plays a crucial role here too. The brand VAUEN was also able to assert itself on the market for so many years due to the consistent quality offered. Eckert adds: “We don’t supply cheap goods but for that, our clients get products that are worth their money and which they can enjoy for a long time.” The combination of long tradition and innovation is crucial to VAUEN’s success. Thus, their products range from contemporary pipes to timeless shapes and colours of earlier epochs.

The ‘Auenland’ – The Shire’ collection

Trendsetting pipe design

VAUEN’s vast product portfolio consists of around 400 different, exciting models. The company stands out from competitors due to not only producing conservative, conventional pipes, but also some more unusual ones. An example is the new ‘Whistle’. Eckert adds: “The pipe’s shape recreates a whistle. This was partly inspired by this year’s European Football Championship.” Another elegant new pipe is the ‘Spin’ which has a removable pipe bowl. The ‘Pocket’s’ lower part, on the other hand, can be easily twisted so that the tobacco bowl can be opened up. After smoking, this pipe can be closed again and put back into one’s pocket or bag. “We are on a constant quest to offer something to smokers that puts special emphasis on contemporary design,” Eckert smiles. Through VAUEN’s innovative pipes, the notion that pipe smoking is only attractive for older people is a thing of the past. All in all, the VAUEN model range offers the perfect masterpiece for every taste, smoking preference and pocket. For those who seek something a bit more exclusive, VAUEN’s ‘Handmade Collection’ will be the best bet. The ‘Auenland – The Shire’ collection caters for Lord of the Rings fans and the list goes on. But not only the exceptional pipes themselves are what make VAUEN a rather exclusive company. The service after the purchase is also one of a kind. “Whether a pipe breaks or a new mouthpiece is needed, we are there for our clients,” says Eckert. Furthermore, VAUEN offers various products for pipe enthusiasts. From tobacco, filters, bags or other accessories, such as tampers or pipe cleaners – VAUEN is the place to go to for pipe enthusiasts that seek the highest quality made in Germany and functionality from a specialist.


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