“Come in. Have a seat my friend. Let’s go on a journey together. Let’s eat and drink together. Let me take you along into that wonderful, fascinating world of Italian cuisine. A world you’ve never known even existed. But here it exists. Original and pure.” When you enter the restaurant TROPEANO Di-Vino, this is Biagio Tropeano’s promise to you. A promise that can only be fulfilled with Tropeano’s secret ingredient: Biagio’s unique Passion. This is the place where it matters. It, of course, being the tradition and the core of Italian cuisine and the history connected to the cuisine and the regions where it originated. Biagio Tropeano knows all about this history and, throughout his life and career, he has become part of it. “Our dishes have to touch your soul, you must understand. At Tropeano’s you don’t get the ordinary; we are serving experiences.”


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