The German writer Erich Kästner coined the phrase: “There is nothing good, except one does it”. Freund GmbH take this to be their call. For over 30 years Freund GmbH have proven to be a valuable partner in the production and distribution of innovative material for mural design such as moss walls, produced in its own manufactory since 2008. Profound expertise, long-term relationships with interior designers and architects, as well as an unabating drive for innovation, ensure that the medium-size family business Freund GmbH steadfastly keeps heading upwards.

Historians will make out urbanisation to be the decisive imprint of our days. Much like the poets of the Romantic era in England, people today long for traditional materials as a reminder of their natural provenance. A variety of plants, woods, barks and leathers work as counterweights to the fast-paced swirl that makes up our modern lives. The natural materials are radiant with strength, endurance and protection.

Innovation in material and products for design purposes are the guideline for Freund GmbH.“Our team is comprised of long-serving colleagues as well as young outside-the- box thinkers,” vice-CEO Nina Freund proudly says about the staff and she continues:”They are a fine blend of dynamics and crisp ideas which inspire the company’s supporting of innovations and the projects resulting from them. Freund GmbH does not stand still – we do not stop!” The output is considerable indeed: a fine variety of materials provide for the contemporary demand and expectations in feel-good atmosphere in interiors.

Freund GmbH work with a range of natural materials – moss, wood, metal, glass, you name it! The aim is to refine surfaces, walls and fronts. Their approach is led by the unobstructed use of forms in and by nature. In a sportive game of light and movement, Freund GmbH manage to create unique surfaces and spaces.

The product line is subdivided into the categories of ‘green’, ‘nature’ and ‘elements’. In the green line, only real mosses and plants for green wall elements are used. The mosses in the product lines Evergreen, Greenwood and Greenhill are cleaned and preserved using a special process. As a result, the moss pictures and walls maintain their natural green colour and do not need artificial light, care or fertilisation. Luscious mossy greens playfully sway with terrestrial brown facets as in the ‘nature’ line. Poplar bark makes for four-centimetre thick material en bloc without the need to be glued to support material. The carefully harvested bark pieces are pressed into panels stretching as long as three metres. Each panel is unique and sturdy for outside as well as inside use.

In ‘elements’, dancing rivulets minister on the side of partly transparent and metallic materials. In milling progressive and organic shapes a wide spectrum of products are available for spatial refinements. Beech tree bark and cork bark are but two of the materials in use towards this end; which is also where the product line ‘nature’ comes into play. A splendid example of Freund GmbH’s possibilities is the new Europe headquarters for CLINTON fashion. The building was fully equipped with a vast range of mossy structures from the ‘green’ line. The interior and the roof of the building are greened with conserved or fresh moss walls. The vertical greening technique was first used by Freund GmbH eight years ago.

“It has been proven that an enjoyable, green surrounding increases staff productivity and contentment.” She states and gives insight into another feature of the‘green’products: “Their acoustic effects in rooms decrease the stress levels of the working people as distracting noises are reduced in their impact sizes.” Just three examples: behind the bar a plant wall with computer-directed watering system increases air humidity and adds a soothing air to the place. Behind the stair-like arranged dwelling is a cushion moss wall, a smooth source of inspiration. On the upper levels a world map made from moss was installed for decorative and inspirational purposes that also consumes stressful office noises and increases the air quality in return – a classical double-win. A truly fascinating design approach drawing on the wealth of nature!

Text: Benedikt Meininger | Photos: Freund GmbH

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