Architectural Office Nouri-Schellinger focuses on combining traditional construction techniques with innovative, sustainable solutions, while keeping an eye on the balance between functionality and aesthetics.

After formative years of studies in both Tehran and Stuttgart, Farzaneh Nouri-Schellinger specialized in environmentally conscious and energy-saving construction principles, with a focus on natural and local materials as well as timber frame construction.

“When tradition meets innovation in the world of architecture, the most fascinating concepts evolve”, states the architect, “my goal is to merge the rich Persian aesthetics with the Western principle of sustainable architecture.”

Architectural Office Nouri-Schellinger: A Passion for the Environment

Since 1997, Nouri-Schellinger architecture has realised projects in timber frame construction. From 2003, the firm has planned and realised passive plus-energy houses, as well as refurbishments and conversions of listed buildings to passive building standards. A recent example is a villa in Erlangen, the conversion of which received the German Design Award: The project titled ‘Sustainable Innovation, Fusion of Past and Future: The Circular Villa in Erlangen’ won in the Excellent Architecture – Eco Design category. The jury stated: “The energetically renovated villa combines a historic architectural style with ecology. The modernization was uncompromisingly sustainable, yet the elegant charm of the over 100-year-old architecture has been preserved. An exemplary approach to historic buildings.”

Architectural Office Nouri-Schellinger: A Passion for the Environment

Farzaneh Nouri-Schellinger’s first project was the ecological residential village Fürth-Burgfarrnbach, finished in 1992. The architectural design consists of buildings grouped harmonically around a courtyard, with an individual garden at the outside of each unit. The kitchens were strategically placed in a way that playing children could easily be watched over, while due to the wishes of the owners’ community, the common rooms were converted into a kindergarten with 15 spots for children. This kindergarten is run by a non-profit association and is still in operation today. The ecological residential complex was awarded the certificate for ‘exemplary residential construction’ by the city of Fürth in 1994.

Architectural Office Nouri-Schellinger: A Passion for the Environment

Nouri-Schellinger architecture attracts clients who highly value modern architecture that serves ecological goals: Currently, three passive plus-energy houses with timber frame construction are in the planning phase, while a villa originally built by Nouri-Schellinger 16 years ago is receiving an extension, also using timber frame construction.

Architectural Office Nouri-Schellinger: A Passion for the Environment


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