Perfectly groomed slopes, exciting toboggan tracks and snow-covered mountains invite sports enthusiasts from all over the world to spend a perfect holiday in the Alps.

Winter in the Alps is an excellent experience. The impressive panorama of these age-old mountains is covered by metres of snow, thus magically converting the area into a proverbial winter wonderland for you to explore.

Skiing in the Alps

Visitors to the Bavarian Alps are spoilt for the choice with its many exciting skiing regions. Ski fanatics will experience some memorable skiing experiences on countless kilometres of perfectly groomed ski slopes suitable for all levels of skiing expertise. You can go to the top in comfortable state-of-the-art ski lifts (some of them even heated) and can enjoy unique panoramic views of the Bavarian and Tyrolean Alps.

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Family-friendly skiing region Sudelfeld. Photo: © Pupeter-Secen, Lumi Images.

Sudelfeld, Spitzingsee-Tegernsee, Hocheck, Brauneck, and Wendelstein

If you are travelling with small children, then skiing regions Sudelfeld and Brauneck are the perfect choice for you as easier and wider slopes make learning to ski an adventure filled with joy and fun. Feeling adventurous? Why not try something else for your skiing holidays? Snowboarders and freestylers rave about the snow park in Spitzingsee, where Kicker, rails, boxes and tonnes await the adventurous. If you are lucky, you may even meet Konstantin Schad, World Champion 2013, Rider of the Year 2012 and German champion 2015 who is a regular visitor to his old hounds.

Not much of a snowboarder? Spitzingsee-Tegernsee and Hocheck invite you to experience the magic of wedeling through an enchanted, snow-covered countryside. Yet if wedeling at night is not your thing, then tobogganing may be. Experience 6.5 kilometres of excitement and alpine bliss on one of Germany’s longest natural toboggan tracks at Wallberg/Tegernsee. Or go on Hocheck’s three-kilometre flood-lit toboggan track and speed down the Bavarian countryside.

Are you more of a traditionalist? Then the skiing region Brauneck in Lenggries, home of German ski champions Hilde Gerg and Martina Ertl-Renz, will be perfect for you. A varied choice of blue, red and black slopes is ideal for the skiing expert as well as the beginner. If you should get hungry from speeding down Brauneck’s slopes, do not despair. You can revive body and spirit in one of the numerous cosy rustic Bavarian Alpine cabins along the slopes. Here you will be spoilt with delicious typical Bavarian food and beverages, or you may simply enjoy lying lazily outside in one of the cabins’ deck chairs while the crisp winter sun shines on you.

Enjoy the view in Wallberg. Enjoy one of Germany’s longest natural toboggan tracks. Photo © Hansi Heckmair

Are you a real ski expert? Then Wendelstein is your choice. An insider tip: only experienced skiers and snowboarders will take the Wendelsteinbahn, which brings them to the top to enjoy a stunning view of the Alps before heading down slopes every ski expert dreams about.

White Weeks – explore eight skiing regions with one ski pass at half the price
Eight German and Austrian skiing regions have teamed up to get you the most out of your skiing adventures. Brauneck, Hocheck, Spitzingsee-Tegernsee, Sudelfeld, Wallberg, and Wendelstein in Germany and Hochkössen and Zahmer Kaiser in Austria are all part of a very particular offer that grants you access to the best of the Alps.
Indeed, the best can cost less as your skiing adventure becomes even more fabulous during the famous Weiße Wochen (White Weeks). From the 7-14 January and the 11-18 March 2017, you can have more fun for less money as you may purchase a six-day skiing pass for half the price. Visitors older than 19 pay 97 instead of 193 euros, teenager and senior citizens pay 82 instead of 164 euros, children from six to 15 years pay 48 instead of 97 euros and small children pay only 12 euros. This is an offer you cannot beat!

Go and get your skis out. Bavaria and Tyrol are waiting for you.

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