Born in 1986 in Basel, young actor Marc Benjamin has already achieved a great deal. Having starred in Eddie the Eagle, Homeland or Vaterfreuden alongside Matthias Schweighöfer, he managed to get a leading role in Unsere Zeit ist Jetzt – a movie about the famous German rapper CRO. Discover Germany talked to Benjamin about his career, future and more.

Was it always your dream to become an actor or did you have other aspirations?

M. Benjamin: “No, I never had other aspirations and no plan B. I can only remember how I dreamt to be just like Lucky Luke as a young child. Today, the dream of a Lucky Luke screen adaption is still present, but more serious topics have also come about that confirm my career choice.”

You come from Switzerland and now live in Munich. What means ‘home’ for you?

M. Benjamin: “Home is everywhere I feel comfortable. It depends on the people that surround me. I can be home everywhere to be honest.”

You were part of many theatre plays in the beginning and then you were in Vaterfreuden and Homeland amongst others. Was it hard to adapt to the cinema and TV surroundings after theatres?

M. Benjamin: “It was indeed hard to leave the permanent theatre engagement behind to switch to the unsecure film business. At some point, however, I felt stuck in the theatre and had to redefine my everyday life. At the moment, I solely concentrate on films and enjoy the irregularities in my life. At some point, I will definitely return to the theatre.”

Now you play the leading role in Unsere Zeit ist Jetzt. How was the audition?

M. Benjamin: “I was just at the set of Eddie The Eagle, when Peri Baumeister called to tell me that she proposed me for the project. However, I still had to attend the casting. After seeing the movie, I’m even more happy that it came about like it did. I think we created a very extraordinary film which I’m very proud of.”

How did you prepare for the role?

M. Benjamin: “We were all involved in the production process from a very early stage. We have filed on the screenplay alongside Arend Remmers and fundamental things were changed shortly before or even during the film shooting. Through this, we were on the same wavelength and were able to rely on each other. There’s no better preparation than this.”

What’s planned for the future? What can we expect from you in 2017?

M. Benjamin: “In spring, the next movie will come into cinemas – Vorwärts Immer from Franziska Meletzky. It is a comedy of mistaken identities in the GDR which I’m really looking forward to. Apart from that, I have a few options in the pipeline that I can’t really talk about yet. However, I am planning to do a cooking course – I can reveal that much.”

What’s your absolute dream role?

M. Benjamin: “I have dreamed about filming a silent movie for a long time.”


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