A digital sample book, an interactive globe, and straw trimmings that are elegantly presented in drawers. The Strohmuseum im Park, located in Wohlen, tells the story of the Freiamt hat and plaiting industry with the means of a modern Museum: versatile and interactive. No other region in the world produced such fine decorative hat trimmings during the 19th century as the Freiamt of Aargau. What started as a modest cottage industry at the end of the 18th century, developed over time into an export-orientated industry aimed at an international Fashion market. Wohlen became a fashionable ‘Little Paris’. The Strohmuseum im Park exhibits a unique collection of straw trimmings, straw hats, tools and machines. The Exhibition is presented in a villa that previously belonged to a factory owner, embedded in a park with spectacular trees.



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