Architecture in Germany, Austria and Switzerland has a long and diverse history. After all, visitors to the countries can find every major European style – from Roman to Post Modern, Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Modern and many more architectural styles. We take a look at just some of the structures that showcase the vast creativity of the architects from the DACH region.

In Munich, for example, one can find the distinctive ‘Umschreibung’. Erected in 2004 by Olafur Eliasson, a Danish-Icelandic artist, the sculpture reminds the admirer of a winding staircase in the shape of a double helix. It is a nine-metre-tall artwork made out of steel which is a favourite for photographers, both professional and aspiring. Hidden within an office building, it is a sight not to be missed.

If you are into eye-catching bridges, you should head to the ‘Rakotzbrücke’ in Kromlau’s Rhododendronpark. Not only is the park the largest in Saxony, which sports rich nature, beautiful gardens and other architectural attractions that invite visitors to enjoy extensive walks, the medieval-looking bridge, too, is an outstanding sight to behold. It dates back to the 1860s and impresses with a special feature: its high canopy and its reflection in the water of the river create a full circle.

SPECIAL THEME: BEST OF ARCHITECTURE 2023 - Meet Germany’s creative creators

Photo: Pixabay

Another rather impressive structure is the Semperoper in Dresden. Designed by Gottfried Semper in 1841, it was rebuilt in 1878 by his son Manfred Semper, following a fire. When it was bombed in World War II, it was reconstructed again in 1985. Today, visitors from near and far flock to the impressive opera house to attend concerts, while marveling at the exceptional architecture.

Now, let us look at some more contemporary structures. In Stuttgart, for example, the public library is a real sight to behold. While it might not look too unusual from the outside, the inside reveals an entirely different story: dazzling white, spacious halls and a vast collection of books make the nine-storey building a tourist attraction of the most unique kind. Some people even say that the library has a meditative effect on them.

If you are ever in Berlin, you should head to the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz. Designed by Helmut Jahn, it is a trend-setting complex of buildings. The open, public space is a favourite for locals and visitors alike, and offers a natural atmosphere to be enjoyed all year round.

To find out more about some of the top architects in the field today, their innovative building structures and their exciting thought processes, read the online articles of the companies featured below in our special:

Sweco GmbH


RoMed Klinik Wasserburg and kbo-Inn-Salzach-Klinikum. Photo: Daniel Schvarcz


Fuchs Wacker Architekten


Villa Mallorca, Spain.


SWAP Architektur


SWAP Architektur, the team. Photo: Mark Glassner

SPECIAL THEME: BEST OF ARCHITECTURE 2023 - Meet Germany’s creative creators

Photo: Pixabay

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