What makes the hotel DAS.GOLDBERG in the middle of the Austrian Alps so special is not only the new, outstanding wellness and spa area, but also the panoramic view. Even when entering the lobby, large windows open up towards the mountains. The hotel combines old local traditions and history with modern facilities – in its interior and the rather personal atmosphere.

The family-run hotel DAS.GOLDBERG is situated in the small Austrian village of Bad Hofgastein near Salzburg. Located on a high plateau overlooking the village and vale it offers a panoramic view towards the glacier, Alpine mountains and the High Tauern National Park. The vale is not only famous for the surrounding Alpine landscape, but also for its history. For centuries gold and silver mines brought wealth to the region that during the Middle Ages was also one of the main trading routes between Italy and Germany. In the early 20th century, Bad Hofgastein became famous for its thermal spas. A tradition the hotel DAS.GOLDBERG relates to and honours with its own luxurious spa.


The healing powers of salt and hot steam

The hotel’s new steam bath called GOLD.STOLLEN is as relaxing as the innermost of a mountain, far away from stress and noise. 420,000 kilogrammes of wellness and relaxation, one could say. That is the weight of stones brought in from the nearby High Tauern to furbish the Caledarium, combined with large tree trunks. Both remind of the Gasteiner Heilstollen, a salt cave that had been used for regeneration and relaxation even when the region still lived from mining and not tourism. Even then it was known that warmth and moist air is good for muscle relaxation and the respiratory tract.

The GOLD.STOLLEN – Stollen is the German word for tunnel – indeed looks like one. Hidden alcoves between rough rocks, stone floors and soft lighting like one would expect from a miner’s lantern create a rather special atmosphere that lets guests forget they are indeed inside a hotel and not a mountain.

The GOLD.STOLLEN is only one of the innovations and new ideas the hotel owners Georg and Vera Seer brought into the Spa area in 2016. Only recently, the relaxation room has been refurbished as well. The hotel has even created three spa suites, that allow wellness and relaxation in the guest’s own rooms: two smaller suites of 60 square metres each and a larger one with 90 square metres. According to the chosen size, they contain every luxury possible, from a bathtub for two people to a sauna, from a library to a cosy room with open fireplace. It is the ideal place for people who would simply like to forget their everyday stress or have a romantic holiday for two. For an extra romantic touch far away from everyone else, the hotel also has a spa chalet with private wellness area.

The hotel spa’s outdoor area is another breath-taking feature. Relaxing on the outside terrace, guests have a fantastic view over the valley and towards the mountains. There is not only an infinity outdoor pool, but also an artificial lake surrounded by natural stones and green pastures. In total there are 220 square metres of water areas – inside and outside.

_DSC2637 (c) DAS.GOLDBERG1080

Refurbishment honours nature, landscape and regional traditions

Nature and modern hotel service go hand in hand in the hotel DAS.GOLDBERG. Rooms, reception area and spa were completely refurbished and, in parts, newly constructed in July 2013; keeping the surrounding Alpine landscape in mind. At this time the hotel also gained its new name DAS.GOLDBERG, reminding of the region’s gold mining tradition. No wonder the colour can be found as accent all over the hotel’s interior.

The original building – a smaller hotel – had been in ownership of Georg Seer’s parents since 1982 and Georg and Vera Seer, who took on the refurbishment, had entered the business in 1997. Today the hotel has 64 modern studios and suites, gastronomies, its own coffee roastery and a small bread manufactory. The aim was to create more comfort for guests without losing the personal ambience and the connection to the region.

The hotel’s interior and exterior play with a combination of wood, stone, glass and iron, to get an authentic feel, while custom-made furniture and bright accent colours used for fabrics enhance the modern style. Natural fibres were key: wood and rough stone adorn the hotel rooms’ walls and floors, a large bed is the centrepiece of a room that speaks of tranquillity and warmth. A large freestanding bathtub invites you to relax with a glass of wine or a cup of tea after a long day hiking through the mountains or skiing in winter – the hotel lies at the main ski slope after all.



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