Best known for her roles in Heiter bis Tödlich: Akte Ex, Beck is Back! or Das Traumschiff, German
actress Sarah Alles speaks to Discover Germany about her time in London, her latest projects, her love
for martial arts and much more.

Why is acting your dream profession?

S. Alles: As a child, princess was one my dream jobs! (she laughs) Later on, I was interested
in psychology and the processes of the brain, but now I know that nothing can fulfil me as much as
acting. I can discover places and mindsets which I normally wouldn’t. That’s a gift. Additionally, I get to
meet so many people of great talent on the way.

You have played at London’s Arcola Theatre in Moormaid. How does the British theatre scene differ
from the German one? How did the time in London coin you as an actress?

S. Alles: I’ve got the feeling that people in London go to the theatre more regularly. As the theatres
aren’t nationally subsidised, they really try to keep their programmes interesting for the audience.
Playing in London – and getting the leading role – has been one of the most exciting adventures of my
acting career so far. The rehearsals were really challenging for me, but we had a wonderful premiere
and got great critiques. I learned and laughed a lot, made new friends and had a very special time. And
one of my mantras has proven to be true yet again: magic happens outside the comfort zone.

What was your favourite thing about London?

S. Alles: The incredible theatre landscape! The city vibrates. The art scene continues to pump new works
into the city’s veins. It has to, as the living expenses are high. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to look at too
many things – only during the rehearsal period as I played every evening after that. But I have the
feeling that I will spend some more time there in the near future.

Today, you live in Berlin. Why is the city your chosen home?

S. Alles: I was born in Berlin and grew up there. Berlin has everything I need for life – my family, my
friends and Berlin is becoming more and more popular as an international film location. Berlin is
colourful and honest. Berlin is also green. The city is both home and a city that I would travel to. If I can
find all that somewhere else, I might think about moving, but until then, I will stay here.

Das Traumschiff, Heiter bis Tödlich: Akte Ex, Beck is Back, Familie Dr. Kleist – which role has stuck in
your mind the most?

S. Alles: Melissa in Moormaid – the role I played in London, written by the wonderful Marion Bott.
Melissa is an artist who has lost the love for art, for herself and for the entire life. At the beginning of the play, she can’t bear the pain anymore and decides to hang herself, but then, someone unexpected visits.
Playing this role was a wild rollercoaster ride of emotions and I won’t ever forget it. Sometimes, I even
stumble across sentences from the play in everyday life. The sentence “Trust the unknown” has even
made it onto my arm as a tattoo. It shall always remind me not to worry too much, keep up the playful
spirit and believe in the possibility that dreams come true.

You are also a German dubbing artist for Orange is the New Black, Fargo and Blade Runner 2049,
amongst others. How do you relax from all these projects?

S. Alles: My meditation is martial arts. The quickest way to clear my head is to pack the boxing gloves
and head to the Chimosa Studio in Berlin-Mitte! Furthermore, I travel far away once a year – hiking in
New Zealand, Burning Man in the USA or backpacking in Mexico. Every time, a new Sarah comes back.

What can we look forward to from you in 2019?

S. Alles: I’ve finished some shootings which will be shown next year: Beck is Back!, Der Bulle und das
Biest, In aller Freundschaft and the American movie Civil Twilight. And another exciting project is
planned for 2019 so cross your fingers! If I find time, I would also like to venture on my first own film.

Speaking of great projects – you have supported the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk’s ‘Zu Fuß zur Schule und zum Kindergarten’ (To school and kindergarten on foot) campaign this year. Why is this project so

S. Alles: The campaign shows how much fun getting fresh air is and teaches children to protect the
climate through walking or taking the bike. I was very lucky as a child as my kindergarten and school
were only a short walk away. Walking there was a great start to the day for me.

What other dreams and wishes do you still have?

S. Alles: My heart longs to play in a martial arts series one day, so I can combine two of my greatest
passions. In general I’m very grateful for what I’ve experienced so far and wish to always be able to see
the little treasures life is giving me and never take them for granted. I’d love to learn how to stay more serene whenever the ocean of life gets wavy. Maybe all I have to do is believe the sentence on my arm: trust the unknown!


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