German actress Sandra Steinbach is best known for playing the prosecutor in Saarbrücken’s Tatort and has also been an integral part of Berlin’s Kriminal Theatre for a while. She speaks to Discover Germany about the beauty of Berlin, Germany’s fascination for Tatort and much, much more.

You were born in Speyer and grew up there too. At the moment you live in Berlin. Why is that city your chosen home? What’s so special about Berlin?

S. Steinbach: Berlin never sleeps, especially my neighborhood – Prenzlauer Berg. The city’s cultural offerings are simply fantastic. For example, I still haven’t managed to visit every theatre and I sometimes still wander through the streets agape, impressed by the city’s beauty, diversity and constant change. But just like in every metropolis, there are less beautiful corners. But the city also lives through its contrasts.

You are known as the prosecutor Nicole Dubois in Saarbrücken’s Tatort. What do you love about this specific role?

S. Steinbach: This figure permanently offers situations of conflict and makes this role interesting for me. As a prosecutor, she isn’t essentially equipped with a sympathy bonus and she is often caught between crossfires. However, I really like the fact that she can be courageous and a fighter in exactly these moments.

Why has Tatort been an integral part of German life for decades? What makes Tatort so fascinating in your opinion?

S. Steinbach: I think that the dominical TV evening, that usually has over nine million Tatort viewers, has become a nice tradition for many. Crime story fans meet up to collectively solve the ‘who is the perpetrator’ riddle – and that not only in Germany, but also in Austria and Switzerland. Even during the broadcast, one can already see a lively exchange on social networks. We currently have around 20 teams that couldn’t be more different and this is also the guarantor for the diversity Tatort is able to offer the audience.

You are also often seen at Berlin’s Kriminal Theatre. Tatort, Kriminal Theatre – it seems as if thrillers and crime stories are your favourite genre. How do you choose your roles?

S. Steinbach: Yes, but it only seems so. At the Kriminal Theatre in Berlin, I currently play in Außer Kontrolle which is a comedy. The audience enjoy it immensely and roar with laughter every time. I love to see the viewers’ cheerful, happy faces during applause. This is the major difference to filming. Here, you only know whether the audience actually likes it after broadcasting. The many TV series that are based on crime stories show that this genre is really popular on German TV and that it reaches a large proportion of the total production volume. Of course, I’m happy that I was part of some of these already. But in general, I think that the roles choose me.

What can we look forward to in 2018?

S. Steinbach: Maybe a role in a different genre!

Does the one, absolute dream role exist for you?

S. Steinbach: I’m really interested in historical topics, immersing myself in a different era is always very fascinating. However, I’m also interested in contemporary history and roles that are able to act in romantic surroundings. I’m an actress and thus, being open for each and every role is in the nature of things. But playing a doctor, perhaps in a series, would be a pleasure for me – maybe also because I originally wanted to study medicine and taking care of others is somehow in my blood too.

What wishes and dreams does Sandra Steinbach still have?

S. Steinbach: Thanks for asking, but the space wouldn’t be enough for this here. I believe that we should never stop dreaming and wishing and that we thereby and while realising our dreams, should never let ourselves be intimidated. I would like to conclude this with Christian Morgenstern: “Feeling the pulse of one’s own heart. Peace on the inside, peace on the outside. Learn to breathe again, that is it.”


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