Riesling – renowned for its acidity, vibrant fruit flavours and distinct mineral character – is Germany’s most iconic and acclaimed white grape variety. Germany has 13 official wine making regions, but it is the Mosel region’s Riesling that proves most popular with wine lovers.

Grans-Fassian winery, located in Mosel, are specialists in Riesling. Their steep, south west facing slopes provide the perfect microclimate for their vines to flourish. The valley’s cool weather conditions ensure that the grapes ripen slowly. As such, they retain a lively acidity and develop a spectrum of intense fruity flavours. Characterised by elegance, Grans-Fassian’s wines are ambassadors of their terroir, delivering a minerality that reflects the slate-rich soil the grapes were grown in.

The Grans-Fassian winery has been owned by the Grans family for almost 400 years. Gerhard Grans (pictured left) took over the winery from his father Matthias. Gerhard’s daughter Catherina (pictured right) now manages the winery and is the 13th generation of the family to do so.

Grans-Fassian are proud to be a member of the VDP – Germany’s association of elite wine producers and trademark of exceptional quality wine. Their wines are original, yet true to the region.

Riesling Grand Crus from Grans-Fassian

2022 Laurentiuslay Riesling Grand Cru dry
£44.80 per bottle

Grown in soil rich in grey slate, the vines of the Laurentiuslay Grand Cru Riesling create a dry white wine that has a cool, mineralic note that forms a precise and pure nature in the taste. This elegance combined with the lively acidity of tangy grapefruit and freshness of mint, gives this wine its juicy fullness. The finish is delightful – its clear striking length perfects the deep aroma of the Riesling.

Riesling Grand Crus from Grans-Fassian

2022 Goldtröpfchen Riesling Grand Cru dry
£44.80 per bottle

On the palate, the Goldtröpfchen Riesling has flavours of crisp pear, fruity mirabelle, fresh fig and blossom. It seduces with its densely woven and fine structure, which gives this Grand Cru multi-layered notes. Its long-lasting, delicate acidity particularly emphasises the fruity facet of this dry white wine. This exquisite Riesling shows a vibrant elegance.

Riesling Grand Crus from Grans-Fassian

2022 Trittenheim Apotheke Riesling Grand Cru dry
£44.80 per bottle

The powerful juiciness of Grans-Fassian’s Apotheke Grand Cru Riesling dry is pure pleasure on the palate. The fruity blend of white peach, aromatic apricot and exotic passion fruit flavours compliment this Grand Cru’s fine acidic structure, which gives this wine a complex and elegant note. In the finish, the juicy nature of this lively wine is particularly accentuated, revealing the tension and density of its character.

As well as being real crowd-pleasers, these zesty Rieslings also pair perfectly with minted lamb, buttery new potatoes and fresh green veg, so make the ideal accompaniment to an Easter lunch.

Iris Ellmann, Managing Director of The WineBarn. Photo: Iris Ellmann

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