A t the heart of René Schmid Architects lies the drive to create a harmonic synergy between economy and sustainability. Increasing living space through smart concepts and always taking the environment into account can be seen as ingredients for the bureau’s on-going success for over 20 years.

The first project turned into a great calling card for René Schmid Architects. The Zurich-based architects were asked to design a residential building and managed to increase the living space by an impressive 70 per cent on the existing building plot and within the legal framework for residential construction. This project was ideal for the architects. The average increase of living space is still 10 to 15 per cent today.

“It was certainly very attractive from an economical point of view, but it also paved the way to seeing things differently in terms of architecture and urban planning,” René Schmid explains. “This resulted in many follow-up projects. Optimisation to the benefit of all involved has become our trademark.”

Coherent designs that follow clear forms and incorporate sophisticated materials result in buildings full of character and expression. The firm portrays great enthusiasm for creating perfect synergies of environmental technology and economics. A diverse network of specialists and planners also coming from research sectors helps finding innovative solutions. Schmid adds: “We are also fascinated by how unique our environment is and, in relation to that, we take our responsibility as designers of our living space seriously.”

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The company’s core competence lies in residential, industrial and commercial construction. A particularly great achievement is the residential building Prodomus Dällikon featuring a modern design language with high ceilings, quality sustainable materials and its own solar energy system. Another one is the energy self-sufficient apartment building Brütten, a real flagship for the symbioses of architecture and environmental engineering, which was realised in partnership with Umwelt Arena in Spreitenbach.

“Without any power connections, the building is completely self-sufficient. Sunlight and environmental heat are generating enough power for the building, including household electricity,” Schmid explains. “The façade is covered by high-quality photovoltaic panels generating the majority of the required energy, but it equally looks very elegant.”

rene schmid architekten

There are so many more exciting projects by René Schmid Architects, which are not only beautiful buildings from the outside but also wonderful examples of how sustainability can be an integral and driving part of architecture.

“We are thinking about tomorrow today,” Schmid adds. “For us, this is how we put decency and respect for the next generation into practice.”

rene schmid architekten


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