The Düsseldorf-based architect Dr. Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven has a Special approach to design. Influenced by nature and living environments, she creates spaces where people can feel at home, relaxed and safe. Since founding her own office for architecture and design in 1992 Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven has become an award-winning architect. “Ingenious is something that embodies the Zeitgeist and also has depth,” says Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven, the founder of the architectural office. “It is our philosophy to create spaces that function as energy sources, have sensuality and create a state of wellbeing. I think that places of beauty make people happy and have healing properties,” emphasises Dahmen- Ingenhoven. A soulful architecture can have great impact on peoples’ wellbeing, helps to release emotions. That is the architect’s firm opinion.



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