Since 1950, the Hattingen/Ruhr-based RDS Partner architectural society has been striving to become a leading expert in the field of medical and scientific buildings. The unparalleled expertise is not only limited to these sectors and has gained the Hattingen-based company with its three subsidiaries countless industry awards and an outstanding reputation. Today, 59 employees realise buildings in numerous project areas under the leadership of the executive shareholder Dipl. – Ing. Architekt BDA/AKG Peter M. H. Damm. These projects include buildings for health, research, administration, industry, environment, education, judiciary and culture sectors. Buildings for seniors, residential constructions, as well as preservations of historical monuments are further specialisations. However, the special focus of RDS Partner’s work lies in the planning, realisation and restructuring of buildings for
the health, research and education sector.


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