In Berlin-Mitte, one of the most creative areas of Germany’s capital, an oasis of English stand-up comedy has set up shop: Cosmic Comedy Berlin redefines hearty laughter and amused chuckles.

Cosmic Comedy Berlin is not just a venue, it is a realm of exceptional entertainment that stands out in Berlin’s cultural landscape. As one of Berlin’s first English-speaking comedy clubs, Cosmic Comedy Berlin has become an icon of Berlin’s English-speaking stand-up comedy scene.

“One of the most outstanding features of Cosmic Comedy Berlin is its super friendly, welcoming atmosphere,” stresses founder Dharmander Singh, who set up the club with his friend Neil Numb in 2014. “We pride ourselves,” adds Neil, “on being one of Berlin’s friendliest comedy clubs. Cosmic Comedy Berlin is the opposite of the dreaded bear pit. Our approach to stand-up comedy is that it should entertain people and make them laugh. Which is why we ask our acts to get on stage and tell jokes; to make people laugh, not to abuse them. So even if you are sitting in the front row, you won’t get picked on or abused.” “Well, unless you are talking or using your phone. In that case, you might get some very strong opinions,” Dharmander interjects with a wink.

More than laughs: Cosmic Comedy Berlin

Varied programme and artists

Dharmander and Neil have been doing and organising comedy all over the world for more than 20 years, so they know how to put on a great live stand-up comedy show that gets the crowd going. With Cosmic Comedy Berlin and its wonderful mix of local and international comedians, the two founders have created a place where people can come together, have a good laugh, feel safe and get to know each other.

How do Neil and Dharmander choose their acts? And can anyone take the microphone and get on stage? “On Thursdays, we organise open mic shows with a great mix of first-timers and professional acts from all over the world,” explains Dharmander.

“We make sure that new acts get priority to get on stage,” adds Neil. “Cosmic Comedy Berlin is like a safe space. Newcomers can perform in front of a huge, friendly crowd in a comfortable, well-meaning environment.”

More than laughs: Cosmic Comedy Berlin

Fridays and Saturdays at Cosmic Comedy Berlin mean showcase shows. These are the days when the best of the local scene, as well as a long list of international acts, perform their best sets. On days like these, guests may be lucky enough to catch some of the greats of the comedy scene, such as the famous American stand-up comedian Todd Barry, who made a surprise appearance at Cosmic Comedy Berlin in 2023.

“The stand-up comedians here at our comedy club all have one thing in common: They are brilliant and know how to entertain without being abusive to anyone. Something we are really proud of!”

More than laughs: Cosmic Comedy Berlin

A special experience

Cosmic Comedy Berlin’s friendly, welcoming atmosphere has already been mentioned. An atmosphere, by the way, that is also guaranteed for the comedians on stage, as the audience, too, is expected to treat the artists with respect.

“Watching live stand-up comedy is a special experience,” says Neil. “You share laughter with the person sitting next to you, good vibes and positive energy. You don’t get that by watching comedy online alone at home,” he points out.

To make a visit to Cosmic Comedy Berlin perfect, the two founders take great care to put together an engaging programme featuring the most entertaining stand-up comedians. On the upcoming Valentine’s Day, for example, (future) lovers will have the chance to enjoy a night of a love- and relationship-themed programme.

What can guests expect from a visit to Cosmic Comedy Berlin? “Well, first of all, laughter. Lots of it. And because laughing makes for hungry mouths, we offer free vegetarian and vegan pizza and apple shots. The perfect ingredients for a rocking good time! You might even meet some new friends or your life partner. You never know at Cosmic Comedy Berlin,” says Dharmander.

More than laughs: Cosmic Comedy Berlin

More than just a club

Cosmic Comedy Berlin is more than a comedy club. It’s a haven for those looking for joy, laughter and a good, carefree time. Guests will find their visit a celebration of the extraordinary, where the universal language of fun and laughter effortlessly transcends cultural boundaries.

Welcome to the amazing world of stand-up comedy, welcome to Cosmic Comedy Berlin!

More than laughs: Cosmic Comedy Berlin


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