A ‘melting pot’ for ideas, where expertise meets vision: that’s a good way to describe innovative design agency melt. in Zurich. Its clients come from various different sectors including food, retail, science and healthcare, but regardless of the project, the human being always takes centre-stage at melt.

Founded over a decade ago, the Swiss design agency melt. continues to wow clients with its varied range of creations. In conversation with executive producer Barbara Comiotto and managing director Martin Rohr, it becomes clear that a genuine passion for their craft fuels each and every project.

melt. optimises customer experiences for companies, destinations, events and museums – in an agile, human centered manner. According to them, the perfect solution ticks three boxes: it should be desirable in terms of what the final customer receives, viable for the client regarding long-term financial goals and feasible when it comes to realising it.

“We dive deep into the context each client brings,” explains Comiotto. “Together with our clients, we then develop ideas and select the best ones. Those are examined again to determine if they truly solve the presented problem.”

Rohr adds: “The close collaboration with our clients is very important. Sometimes we work from their offices or interview their own customers to gain comprehensive insights of what is required. Ultimately, we design for the people who use a product or space, so we try to include them as much as possible. We’ve done our job well if the final user feels enthusiastic about it.”

An impressive track record of clients from Red Bull to the Travel Clinic of the University of Zurich and the Swiss Academy of Science stands testimony for melt.’s success. For chocolate brand Chocolat Frey, the design team shaped the experience at the visitor centre and added a digital experience with the ‘ChocoPad’: It allows visitors and younger explorers to immerse themselves into the world of chocolate production in an augmented, interactive way.

For the 120th anniversary of the family owned business Zweifel, known for its crisps and wine, the melt. team combined a re-brand of the family headquarters with a location branding by enhancing the whole retail and event experience and by creating a crispy brand-land on the factory site.

What continuously fascinates the team at melt. is the diverse nature of their work. “We love working to make people and the world happier,” says Rohr.

melt | The link between brand and customer | Discover Germany

melt. board in a current exhibition on cooperative housing in Zurich.


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