People who are able to cope with disruption will enhance their own success and well-being and thus create a positive snowball effect on others around them. Senior Executive Coach Marie-Louise Zollinger accompanies individuals and teams on their journey to a more sustainable work approach by enabling them to focus on what is important and to reach out to others for greater success.

“How many times have you heard that the world is changing fast? It has become quite a cliché, and yet it is true. Just think about it: the iPhone was born in 2007 – only 12 years ago – and it has changed our lives,” says Marie-Louise Zollinger. So, what might happen in the next two or ten years? And are we really prepared for it? No matter if that prospect seems frightening or exciting: a more resilient person will always be able to effectively cope with any change.

Physical, mental and emotional health are important factors, but constant pressure and disruption of the daily schedule grind down even the strongest leader. This is why Marie-Louise’s work is so important: “Leaders today are short of time. We can support them in being resourceful and develop effective self-leadership and strong leadership presence for their people.” Marie-Louise compares healthy leadership to safety procedures on an airplane: “You are always asked to put on your own oxygen mask first – so that you can reliably help others.”

Marie-Louise Zollinger: Contributing to a more sustainable world as a positive individual, Discover Germany Magazine

The Executive Coach suggests focusing on three key enablers. The first is a discovery mindset: “We know that we can see more when we slow down and when we are more at ease. We can have deeper conversations when we connect with people. A discovery mindset goes beyond the brain.” It allows finding new solutions in unexpected places, to reflect and stretch beyond the current comfort zone.

The second aspect addresses individual values and personal strengths. The coach helps in understanding a person’s unique approach to life. What gives her or his life meaning? How to achieve the bigger goals by leaving out what is less relevant? In short: people will learn to achieve more with less effort, i.e. work sustainably and experience more joy on the journey.

Nobody is alone in the world and so the third important aspect is to ‘co-create’ with other people and engage actively with key stakeholders in winning sparring partner relationships. “For example, use coaching as a resource to reliably achieve your goals and to overcome barriers and blind spots. You are not alone in the game,” says Marie-Louise Zollinger.

Marie-Louise Zollinger: Contributing to a more sustainable world as a positive individual, Discover Germany Magazine

Photo: Marie-Louise Zollinger, MBA MCC – Executive Coach.

“Equanimity is a strong, calm presence, a serenity that comes from within. With practice we can go to that centred place faster – to engage with alertness, flexibility, clarity and choice.”

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