Creative lighting solutions children enjoy and parents need


Children’s bedrooms are often not the best-lit rooms, even though they have to be multi-functional: a place for homework, a cosy sleeping area and a brighter area in which to play. The German company LIMUNDO creates the perfect lighting solutions for children’s favourite places – great designs even for when the children have grown up.

LIMUNDO lights address very different age groups. Wall light Eddy, shaped like a whale, for example, is very attractive for smaller children. But the best products are those which have the ability to grow and change over time, as children do, like the LIMUNDO light boxes with changeable motifs: a dreaming elephant or a dinosaur can be replaced with OMG (Oh My God) as chemical formula O + Mg, or with a stylised light bulb on a black surface, as and when the children’s taste changes.

“I had been working in the lighting sector for many years when I first had the idea to design lights especially for children,” says company founder Ralf Müller. “I often played with my nephew and realised there was never enough light in the room.” Research confirmed those suspicions: great lighting solutions for children’s bedrooms were indeed really hard to find. Ralf Müller decided to change that through the creation of high-quality lighting products with classic designs.

Kids move around a lot and now ‘Toby’, an egg-shaped, portable lamp, moves with them. “It is even great for adults, because it can be used outdoors and for camping,” says Müller. The light temperature can be set from warm to cold white and the integrated lithium battery provides up to 100 hours of light without recharging.

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