Three worlds brought together make the Landesmuseum Hannover a great place for visitors – from families and school classes exploring natural history to art lovers and history geeks. In 2020, the museum brings together all of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous paintings and incredible designs, using digital technology.

Still today, people stand in awe in front of paintings by the great artists of the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, and marvel at paintings by Lucas Cranach, Sandro Boticelli or Peter Paul Rubens. The Landesmuseum Hannover presents a wide art collection in its various art worlds.

“Travel enthusiasts and adventurers, on the other hand, can explore human history or experience the fascination of other cultures,” says Nicola Kleinecke from the museum’s communication team.

Many children will enjoy the secrets of nature they can also explore in the museum. “In the nature worlds, families can hunt for sea horses or be amazed by dinosaur traces, already millions of years old.” The journey through the exhibition leads the visitor from the cold North Sea to the tropical jungle.

Landesmuseum Hannover

Left: Leonardo’s World. Da Vinci digital. Right: Room view, Leonardo da Vinci exhibition.


Special exhibition explores the works of Leonardo da Vinci

In spring and summer 2020 the museum dedicates a special exhibition to Leonardo da Vinci: Leonardo’s World. Da Vinci digital runs from 23 March to 9 August 2020. Still today, the artist is a big mystery to many, unifying art and nature, paintings and inventions like no other. As an artist, he created some of the world’s most iconic paintings. The Mona Lisa, as the most famous one, today hangs in the Louvre in Paris. For the first time, the exhibition at the Landesmuseum Hannover allows the visitor to experience da Vinci’s complete works in one place – thanks to multimedia and digital technology: “The ‘impossible gallery’ offers the unique possibility to see all of Leonardo’s paintings: the Mona Lisa, Lady with an Ermine or the Virgin of the Rock,” says Nicola Kleinecke. Those paintings are normally spread all over the world and it is impossible to physically unite them in one exhibition. Instead, the museum shows backlit copies, bringing together artworks from museums all over the world.

Landesmuseum Hannover

Left: Rubens, Peter Paul Rubens, The Abduction of Dejanira by the Centaur Nessus, around 1636. Right:Room view, ‘MenschenWelten‘.

Next to the paintings, visitors will also learn about da Vinci’s other versatile interests – from human anatomy to his visionary designs for flying machines. Films, projections and holograms bring these inventions and ideas to life, making the exhibition a unique audio-visual experience where visitors can dive deep into Leonardo’s own world.

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