Best known for her roles in Doctor’s Diary, Am Ruder, Hanni & Nanni, Happy Burnout or Gefangen, Austrian actress Julia Koschitz speaks to Discover Germany about her love for Munich, her latest film and much more.

Why is acting your dream profession? What is the nicest thing about this job and did other dream jobs ever exist for you?

J. Koschitz: I have always been interested in psychology and the stage; consequently, I became an actress. I find the question of why a person became the way he or she is very exciting, as well as bringing this to life through different characters. I love the collaborative search with actors and directors. Furthermore, stories – whether you read, hear or see them on screen – are wonderful means to escape everyday life, but also to learn something from it.

You were born in Brussels, come from Austria and currently live in Munich. Why is the city your chosen home? What makes it so special?

J. Koschitz: Munich was supposed to be a stopover, but I simply got stuck because of a relationship and my friends. Before, I moved a lot and I’m still constantly on the go due to my job, so a base or a sort of ‘home’ is invaluable. In this respect, moving away from Munich would be really hard by now. On the other hand, another city and another country would interest me. So, who knows?

Doctor’s Diary, Tatort, Am Ruder, Hanni & Nanni, Happy Burnout or Gefangen – Der Fall K. – everything, from comedy and thriller to drama, is included. How do you choose your roles?

J. Koschitz: Variety is important to me – regarding the genre, as well as the role profile. This probably explains a lot. But primarily, the quality, as well as the topic of the script is important. And, of course, the director and the cast. My wish is to participate in projects which would also interest me as a viewer.

You are seen in many films and series. Which film or series sticks in your mind the most?

J. Koschitz: Each project has its own little story. Also the ones at the theatre. I especially appreciate that I constantly meet new people and that I get a new chance over and over again to try myself out. This is why every film and every project has special importance for me. It’s like a letter case of experiences from which I can learn and create.

The comedy Wie Gut ist Deine Beziehung? from Ralf Westhoff is still in cinemas, in which you and Friedrich Mücke play the leading roles. What can viewers look forward to?

J. Koschitz: You can look forward to an exceptional comedy and love story which is all about the question of how to lead a long relationship in a happy way. You can look forward to a movie with good dialogue and a wonderful ensemble, which also offers food for thought.

How did you prepare for the role?

J. Koschitz: Just like how I do for other roles too: I read the script over and over again, while trying to find the motives of my character. This is the analytical part and then the intuitive one follows – the one where I ask myself what I want to tell with the character and which creative decisions would be the most interesting ones.

You have worked with the director Ralf Westhoff a couple of times before (Shoppen, Der Letzte Schöne Herbsstag). What do you appreciate most about this collaboration?

J. Koschitz: He’s very precise: as an author and a director. We go on the lookout together and come to one conclusion that’s best.

What else can we look forward to from you in 2019? Are any other great projects planned?

J. Koschitz: I only just finished filming a very beautiful project for television in which I play a cook whose life turns upside down when she accidentally bumps into a homeless person. A journey of two seemingly unequal figures, who end up sharing quite a lot, begins. Furthermore, a thriller will be broadcast at some point this year, in which I play a forensic psychiatrist, as well as a family drama that deals with parental alienation. Last, but not least, two exciting projects lie ahead which I’m really excited about.

What other wishes and dreams do you still have?

J. Koschitz: Many. For example, I would love to play more piano this year.

The release date of Wie Gut ist Deine Beziehung on Blu-ray is 5 September 2019


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