Having recently received the KfW Award ‘GründerChampion 2016’ (Founder Champion 2016) for Baden-Wuerttemberg, the exceptional children’s mp3 Player Hörbert continues to receive great responses. With an ear for your children and an acute environmental awareness, Hörbert’s innovative designers have created a one-of-a-kind product to help children with learning and developing their Feeling for language. It was the idea of a father. Unsuccessfully searching for a music player for his son, Hörbert inventor Rainer Brang decided to take matters into his own hands. He built a wooden box, cut holes into it, put in speakers and developed a neatly arranged set of nine knobs. Behind the knobs it gets interesting, as each of the buttons controls a playlist of music or audio book chapters that can be exchanged with the use of a memory card. The included four-gigabyte card enables parents to programme up to 17 hours of music divided onto the nine playlists, while 140 minutes are already pre-programmed.



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