One of the most beautiful and significant Northern European water castles lies high up in the northern town of Glücksburg near the Danish border and close to the Baltic Sea coast. The Renaissance castle blends stunning architecture with a most compelling past.

Glücksburg literally translates into ‘happy town’.Still the official residence of theDukes of Schleswig-Holstein, the magnificent white fairytale castle is steeped into 400 years of history.“Christian IX grew up in parts of the castle before he was crowned King of Denmark in 1863. Remarkably he managed to place all his six children within other European royal families through marriage. For
this reason Glücksburg is often referred to as the ‘cradle of European aristocracy’. Today’s Queen Margrethe II of Denmark also derives from the House of Glücksburg,” Susanne Ascheron, managing director of the Glücksburg Castle Foundation, explains.

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