Creating exceptional outside spaces

Have you ever wondered how gardens are designed, what’s important when doing so and who exactly are the people behind creating some truly gorgeous outdoor spaces? In the following special theme, we have spoken to some of Germany’s top landscape architects to find out more.

Germany is filled with spectacular buildings, innovative structures and… some gorgeous landscape designs! We have sought out some of the top public outdoor spaces that put emphasis on contemporary sustainability. The best thing about these is that any visitors to Germany get to marvel at them in person.

Garden of Remembrance, Düsseldorf

During the Second World War, most of the synagogues were destroyed, but ever since, the Jewish community has managed to rebuild itself. The Garden of Remembrance in Düsseldorf adds to this restoration by creating a meaningful memorial place, as well as a beautiful public space which integrates itself into the city life. It impresses via numerous different materials like steel, stone, glass and concrete, and a multitude of red shrub roses have a special meaning here, as the rose was the only flower allowed to be grown within the city walls of ancient Jerusalem.

Solingen town square

Another prime example of top landscape architecture is the Solingen town square. This public space creates an ‘urban living room’ which links several different spaces. A special highlight for horticulture fans is the group of Japanese pagoda trees which create a space around three huge, sculptured seating elements.

König-Heinrich Square, Duisburg

Visitors to Duisburg will find a large grassy space in front of the city’s impressive theatre. The simply designed lawn poses as a meeting place for everybody and impresses with its simple, yet effective landscape design. Visitors can find a great ambiance here – not least due to the discreet and comfortable furniture, the simple vegetation and the use of several water jets and fountains.

KALA Square, Berlin

Another top example of great landscape architecture in Germany is the KALA Square in Berlin. It is a multifunctional square that is perfect for both children and elders. Concrete, sand, bright wood and water are used to set the stage, while blocks, sheets, meshes and ground vegetation form places for children to play in, for example.

Read the following special theme to find out more about some of Germany’s top landscape architects.

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