Spring is finally here: and what better way to celebrate the beginning of the warm and friendly season than with whipping our gardens into shape? We take a look at this year’s top garden trends to give you some inspiration.

One of the core trends this year seems to be ‘climate change gardens’. This trend leans towards more ecological gardens which are able to cope with the extreme weather conditions that have been experienced all over Europe and the rest of the world in recent years. The advice for this kind of garden is clear: plant the right plants for the individual conditions of each garden and think about which plants best store water and which best collect excess water before it dissipates through the soil. All in all, opt for plants which can fend for themselves and might even be drought-resistant. With this, the need for excessive watering is eliminated – which is great for the environment!

Wildflower meadows

Also going hand in hand with the ecological trend are wildflower meadows. The news of the undeniable decline in the number of honeybees has urged many people to re-think their relationship with nature and their gardens. Equipping your green spaces with colourful wildflowers does not only look great, but also results in the introduction of an important refuge to the much-needed honeybee. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need a large plot to incorporate them, so creating a small- to medium-sized meadow will already make a huge difference.

Log walls and metalwork

At the moment, designers are really obsessed with log walls which can give garden spaces a much-needed overhaul. Acting as a boundary, a log wall can provide necessary habitat for many insects and wildlife. Metal – think metal arches or pergolas – is also said to be appearing more and more in gardens all over Europe now, as it’s such a versatile and gorgeous material.

Bold colours

Another gardening trend that has grabbed our attention are bold colours. Garden designers predict the arrival of bold prints, clashing colours and the inclusion of large-leaved plants. When choosing your next outdoor plants, why not therefore opt for some brightly coloured Dahlia Pompons? They won’t only be an eye-catcher, they will also be sure to give your garden spaces a much-needed overhaul.

In the following special theme, we take a look at some gorgeous designs and decorative ideas for your gardens. Get inspired!


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