One of the world’s most popular study destinations

Thinking of studying in Germany? The country ranks amongst the most popular study destinations in the world and boasts one of the highest volumes of ranked universities in the global top university rankings. Read on to discover why Germany is a great country to choose when it comes to education.

Many rankings reveal that Germany is, in fact, one of the world’s most popular non-Anglophone study destinations – only the US and the UK welcome more international students annually. And as much as Germany’s tourist destinations are characterised by variety, so too are Germany’s top universities, colleges and higher-education institutions. The country not only boasts some of the most prestigious institutions, but it is also notable that almost every major German city you can think of has at least one university ranked among the world’s best. This has firmly established the country well within the world’s higher education elite.

On top of world-class universities and higher-education institutions, Germany offers a high quality of life, as well as extensive support and scholarship options for international students, and great post-graduation employment prospects. And what’s even better: there are almost no tuition fees at public universities at undergraduate level, which also includes EU and international students in all states (with the exception of Baden-Württemberg, where non-EU students have to pay some tuition fees). While tuition fees are mostly free, students do need to pay a relatively low nominal fee which covers student support, administration and other costs.

How to apply?

If you’re interested in joining one of Germany’s great educational institutions, there are varying application routes depending on a few factors. If you have a European qualification, then you would have to prove your German proficiency unless you’re choosing a course taught in English. After that, you can directly apply for any course. Non-EU students may have to sit the ‘Feststellungsprüfung’ entrance examination, to test their eligibility, but high-achieving students may be able to bypass this.

For other routes, ways of application and exemptions, check out each respective school’s website, where all information can be easily found.

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