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Four times a year, vintage fans flock to Zurich to celebrate the DolderClassics – a special meeting place for classic car enthusiasts. Enjoying a great variety of vintage cars and the passion for bygone eras is at the core of this inspiring event. No wonder then, that it attracts steadily rising numbers of visitors.

“Ferrari 250 SWBs meet Döschwos at the DolderClassics,” smiles the event’s organiser Christoph Lehmann, emphasising the broad variety of classic cars found at the event. As a result of the great need for joint and multi-brand meetings of Zurich’s ever-growing classic car community, the first DolderClassics was held on 8 May in 2011. “With DolderClassics, we wanted to give the growing scene of classic car fans a meeting point and a face, while also providing a platform for other parties interested in this topic,” recalls Lehmann. This idea has proven to be a real success. Today, the DolderClassics are held on Sundays four times a year – and visitor numbers are steadily rising each time. Open to owners of vehicles with veteran status and at least 30 years on the road, as well as classic car fans without their own cars, visitors can look forward to an exciting side programme and exceptional vehicles with two, three or more wheels.

Special atmosphere meets special cars

In close proximity to Zurich – the city with the highest concentration of classic cars worldwide – many collectors, classic car fans and industry professionals meet on the ice rink in the unique atmosphere of the legendary Dolder Bad outdoor pool, which is situated right behind the luxury five-star Dolder Grand hotel. Here, on the historic premises with a beautiful park, visitors can enjoy the outdoor pool, the open-air ice rink and the local recreation area. But let us go back to the DolderClassics and explore more of what makes the event itself so special. Lehmann explains: “The DolderClassics are a meeting point and exchange platform at the same time. We even have classic car auctions on offer, which have proven to be especially popular. And, of course, the cars themselves are a highlight for most. We don’t just have the usual classics on display, you can often find the really rare and precious ones here too.” Also unique, is the fact that companies that look for partners in the vintage classic car scene have the opportunity to directly get involved and participate in the DolderClassics events.

Additional highlights not to be missed

Each year, the event impresses with special highlights and an interesting side programme. This year, for example, visitors were met by special attractions that were coined by Porsche’s 70-year-anniversary. Furthermore, visitors can look forward to great culinary treats, the Champagne bar, annual auctions and the additional Concorso d’eleganza in Ascona or the Concours d’élégance in Zurich. The two latter events are special meetings for luxury classic cars, where 50 selected automobiles compete for a classic car award.

If you are interested in finding out more about the attraction of cars and bikes, while learning about the controllable mechanics and driving dynamics beyond modern assistance systems, you will be right at home at the DolderClassics. Amidst a great variety of automobile rarities of past decades, men, women and entire car-make clubs can indulge in the beguiling shapes and the lovely smell of leather, wood, oil and petrol, while enjoying interesting talks and discussions with friendly and relaxed people. DolderClassics is quite simply a huge cultural event of the niche kind, that should not be missed!

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DATES 2019:

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Sunday, 8 September 2019

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