As an exclusively German wine merchant, The WineBarn are huge fans of Riesling. Germany’s most distinguished grape variety delivers wines with so much stylistic diversity. Unlike most other grape varieties, the character of a Riesling depends on the type of soil it grows in. Heavy clay soils create Rieslings with citrus fruit aromas, whilst red sandstone soils ensures flavours of apricot and slate soils create a concise mineral note reminiscent of flint.

The Riesling spectrum ranges from the refreshingly dry Grand Cru to the noble Spätlese (sweet) and the Sekt (sparkling) to the rare Eiswein (ice wine).

Decanter, the oldest wine publication in the UK, recently reviewed four of our Riesling Grand Cru wines awarding them an impressive 90+ points out of 100. Grand Cru is a term that is used to define a wine of superior quality. The producers of these Rieslings are all members of the VDP – Germany’s association of elite wine producers and another guarantee of quality.

K. F. Groebe
2021 Kirchspiel Riesling Grand Cru dry
95 Points
£52.05 per bottle
Region: Rheinhessen

This Riesling Grand Cru has a complex mineral structure. This dry wine’s fruit aromatic spectrum ranges from peach to citrus fruit and apricot to mellow flint – typical of the Rieslings associated with the Kirchspiel vineyards of Westhofen.

Delicious Riesling Grand Crus Just Waiting to be Decanted

2021 Kalmit Riesling Grand Cru dry
93 Points
£42.50 per bottle
Region: Pfalz

Clear and tight, yet juicy and lively. This organic Riesling Grand Cru has a chalky grip with a salty aftertaste. Its exciting fine minerality complements its fruity flavour of green apple and white peach.

Delicious Riesling Grand Crus Just Waiting to be Decanted

Jürgen Ellwanger
2021 Schnaiter Altenberg Riesling Grand Cru dry
91 Points
£37.05 per bottle
Region: Württemberg

Very mineralic, this dry Riesling has clear fruit flavours of apricot and peach, with lots of substance and concentration. Wonderful citrus fruit aromas and notes of fresh tarragon add an extra lift to this white wine. Its structure is complex, and always offers a new taste experience.

Delicious Riesling Grand Crus Just Waiting to be Decanted

Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan
2021 Deidesheimer Hohenmorgen Riesling Grand Cru dry
90 Points
£63.10 per bottle
Region: Pfalz

A complex Riesling Grand Cru with mouthwatering acidity and a long finish. On the nose, it is herbaceous and has fruit aromas of passion fruit, pineapple and peach with a hint of smoke.

Delicious Riesling Grand Crus Just Waiting to be Decanted

Warmer weather means more powerful, full-bodied & riper German winesIris Ellmann, The WineBarn’s Managing Director, presents their IWC Specialist German Wine Merchant of the Year 2022 award with her son Luca.

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