collab zürich combines both pop-up shops and long-term retail businesses into one concept. “We see ourselves as a creative space run by real people for real people,” explains the founder Anna-Katharina.

Running a clothing brand themselves, Anna-Katharina and her partner founded collab zürich in 2015 as a sales point for Swiss streetwear brands. After two years, they gave the shop a new twist. “Now, we mix different concepts into one space,” the founder says. “We do not only have a retail area but feature pop-up spaces that regularly showcase changing brands, concerts, workshops and exhibitions as well.” Even yoga classes are part of the broad offer.

Many brands in collab zürich produce sustainably, locally and artisanally. “We know nearly all people behind our brands personally. We care about fair products and provide transparency for our customers. We think everyone should make better buying choices – and we try to make that easy for our customers.” Photos of the production process and a team which is happy to tell the story behind the products demonstrate that they can keep their promise.

The store in the heart of Zürich welcomes new business ideas as well. “If you have an idea of your own, we are happy to talk about ways we could possibly collaborate,” Anna-Katharina continues. That’s one of the reasons why customers can always look forward to discovering new stories. “Almost weekly, the space looks different. We stand for real people – behind the products and ideas. At collab, we tell their stories.”

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Left: Photo © Nick Soland Right: Photo: © collab zürich

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