Innovatively merging fashion with function, FAUNA Audio Glasses are not just an accessory but a game-changer in personal audio technology, blending seamlessly into both fun-packed adventures and virtual meetings.

FAUNA Audio Glasses offer an open-ear sound system that allows you to stay aware of your surroundings while listening to music. When you are taking a phone call on the bike, you can still hear the traffic. When hiking in the mountains while listening to a podcast, you can still hear nature. Keeping your hands and ears free, helps with multitasking and staying approachable. Talk to your voice assistant via the glasses and let them help you navigate the city.

FAUNA Audio Glasses - Sound system meets fashion

Audio glasses, model Memor.

The blue light filter models are perfect for office use: The Zeiss lenses protect your eyes during long hours in front of the computer and you can conveniently use them as headsets for online meetings. The sunglasses support you outdoors and in case you need prescription lenses, your optician can easily fit them as the frame is made of high-quality, malleable Italian acetate.

FAUNA Audio Glasses - Sound system meets fashion

Audio glasses, models Fabula, Spiro.

FAUNA connects to your device using Bluetooth and is operated via the touch sensors of the temples. A two-way sound system with USound MEMS micro-speakers delivers crisp sound and the beamforming microphones ensure clear communication. The audio glasses come with a charging case and are water and dust resistant.

FAUNA delivers a new freedom in experiencing personal audio. Music, phone calls, online calls, voice assistant: Enjoy it all with open ears to stay connected to your world.



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