Artificial intelligence is changing the way fast-growing companies recruit top talent


In today’s hyper-competitive labour market, finding high-potential candidates is essential. Berlin-based start-up,, provides an automated sourcing engine that prequalifies candidates using A.I., giving forward-thinking companies a competitive edge.

It is getting harder every day to find and – more importantly – attract people with the right talent and qualifications. Gone are the days of posting a job ad online and receiving a stack of great applications. Hiring managers and recruiters now spend as much as 60 hours per hire actively sourcing, screening, and reaching out to potential candidates. They need new tools like, an A.I. recruiter that gives hiring managers a pre-qualified list of top talent based on a GDPR compliant algorithm that uses public LinkedIn profiles to match candidates with open positions based on hard and soft skills.

“We are working with progressive companies looking to drive growth and gain a competitive advantage in talent acquisition,” says Kurtis Morrison, head of growth. That includes young start-ups as well as organisations like the Fraunhofer Institute, who understand that the ‘post and pray’ method, i.e. posting an advert and hoping someone replies, no longer works. Initial customer feedback has been encouraging: “I used to spend so much time in interviews and screening CVs, but since using Bunch, I now only meet the right talent and save a lot of hours,” said Markus Müller, head of product at Flash.

While can be used to fill any position, the service currently focuses on filling sales, marketing and tech roles.

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