Wine label Bicking & Bicking is a true newcomer amongst its peers. The brothers Achim and Lukas Bicking are determined to follow their instincts and are not afraid to start from scratch. Achim and Lukas grew up on their parent’s wine estate in North Palatinate. Initially they were going to run the parental vineyard but soon it became clear that the brothers clashed with their father’s views on winemaking. Last year they cut ties and took over a vineyard in Wallhausen by the Nahe. “We love clarity and authenticity,” Lukas explains. “We pay great attention to our wine’s straight-forward structure, which does not primarily come from the fruit but more from the soil’s character. The spontaneous fermentation through wild yeast in the vineyard as well as the maturing process in wooden barrels, are very important in order to bring out each wine’s variety of flavours.”


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