When one goes to the watch and jewellery store Beyer on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse 31, one can expect more than an exclusive shopping experience. As the oldest, owner-managed watch and jewellery store in Switzerland, Beyer is not only a well-known name, but a whole philosophy rooted in a famous tradition.

Founded in 1760, Beyer has since been passed down through generations from father to son – each one a fully trained watchmaker. As the first and largest retail-er in Switzerland to specialise exclusively on selling clocks, watches and jewellery, Beyer is currently managed by René Beyer in the eighth generation of the Beyer fam-ily and can draw on a wealth of experience and deep-founded expertise when advis-ing clients.

Competence, handicraft, personal dealings

Beyer is not only a store. It also has its own watchmaker’s and goldsmith’s workshop. Thus, clients can expect a first-class after sales service. “When a client visits us, there is always at least one watchmaker present that can carry out repair or cleaning works immediately,” notes René Beyer, owner of Beyer. He adds: “We offer intensive and personal customer care that leaves no wish unfulfilled.” At Beyer’s store, buy-ing a watch or jewellery becomes a rather unique experience in itself: there is a valet parking service and customers can enjoy a glass of champagne or Aperol while gazing at the vast variety of exclusive products of-fered in the store’s display cabinets.

The watch museum. © Bloomberg Finance

Whether a client seeks a security escort, reading glasses or a phone charger, Bey-er is sure to provide it. Furthermore, the shop has its own prayer room and holds various exclusive events throughout the year to foster strong client bonds. “We hold pearl seminars, vintage watch workshops, manufacture tours or large concerts. Beyer is more than just a store – we know our clients and want to offer them an excep-tionally personal service,” René Beyer adds. This means only qualified specialist sales staff from the watch or jewellery branch, as well as eight experienced watchmakers, work at Beyer. In total, Beyer’s employees speak 14 different languages to cater for every customer’s needs.

As a large multibrand store, a wide se-lection of watches from 14 of the most prestigious watch brands, including Rolex, Breguet or Cartier, can be found in Beyer’s product range. It has been dis-tributing most of the brands for decades and Patek Philippe for more than 160 years. Speaking of Patek Philippe: in 2011, Beyer decided to open the first and only retailer-managed Patek Philippe Bou-tique in Switzerland directly next to their shop in Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse. This new Patek Philippe Boutique is run by a high-ly trained team of Beyer staff. The fami-lies Stern and Beyer have been friends for years and have always had the desire to jointly operate a boutique in Zurich. This year, the boutique even ranks first on the list of monobrand businesses from Luxemagazine’s Zurich ranking.

Not only famous for watches

For around ten years, Beyer has also been a leading seller of fine jewellery. Whether one searches for classical jewellery, ex-travagant, contemporary creations or even individualised, handcrafted unicums – Beyer has got it covered. Carlo Mutschler and his team of five highly experienced goldsmiths in the company’s own gold-smith’s workshop use carefully selected, rare precious stones to even make their own handmade creations, or to design extraordinary custom-made pieces in the Bahnhofstrasse.

Another exceptional service Beyer offers is that customers can simply swap their old watches when they want to buy a new one. When a client brings in their old watch, Beyer sells it for them for a commission. The client can then use the money from the sale to purchase a new watch at Beyer. Since 1965, Beyer has further specialised in selling a large number of vintage and an-tique watches, including many rare ones by Patek Philippe, IWC or Rolex. Wheth-er antique large clocks, luxurious pock-et watches or rare complications, Beyer presents a large variety of delights in two display cases and on their website. Beyer’s vintage specialists, Jürgen Delémont and Claudia Pizzorusso, examine every watch to ensure it is genuine.

Last but not least, the basement houses an impressive watch museum – the only museum on the Bahnhofstrasse – where visitors can admire around 300 exhibits dating from 1400 BC to the present day. One of the world’s most important watch museums, visitors can look at exceptional pieces, such as Sir Hillary’s Rolex which he wore at the first ever ascent of Mount Everest. Other exciting, historic watch-es are displayed, such as sundials, water clocks or scientific instruments for time determination. “We constantly expand our collection by 15 to 20 new pieces annual-ly,” adds René Beyer. All in all, the family business in its eighth generation offers everything in one house and caters for an exceptional shopping experience.



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