It is simple: No top assistants, no top leader. But often the impact of an outstanding assistant is widely underestimated. Thanks to many years of working as an executive assistant, Barbara Sellke knows the needs of both sides. She supports businesses in the DACH-region during the recruitment process of top assistants and thereafter. Sellke’s highly specialised personnel consulting stands out not only because of her in-depth knowledge but also thanks to her personality. When talking to Sellke it quickly becomes clear that she is extremely passionate about her work and knows it inside out. And above all, she never stops seeing her clients as individuals. As a human resource consultant Sellke feels responsible for two sides. On the one hand she wants to bring the best candidate to her client and on the other she feels a responsibility towards the candidate. Through her own experience, Sellke knows that applicants are not always treated respectfully and she is very aware of that responsibility.

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